Exclusive opportunity, first of its kind! Get an up close view of Florence’s magnificent Duomo with special access to the secret terraces 32 meters above ground and climbing to the top of the dome for an unparalleled view.

Get an insiders’ perspective at Brunelleschi’s Cupola, an marvel of engineering, art and architecture which continues to mystify and captivate 500 years after its execution, and whose building techniques remain shrouded in a sense of mystery.

Get VIP access and skip the line, following our professional guides through the inner passages and chambers of the Florence Cathedral, viewing frescoes by Giorgio Vassari, the giant clock and the patterned tile floors.

Climb to the Northern terrace of the Duomo’s Roof, a breath-taking walk through the narrow open passageways that have been closed to the public for centuries for an unforgettable panorama of Florence and a unique opportunity to see a part of Florence’s magnificent Cathedral that few have visited before, and that even most Florentine’s don’t know exist.

Finish with an exclusive opportunity to see the workshop where the original statues intended to decorate the Duomo’s façade are being carefully restored, and watch the skilled artisans at work.


START TIME 2:30 PM Piazza San Giovanni, 7 (Duomo Complex Ticket Office)
WEAR Comfortable walking shoes, appropriate attire (please make sure your shoulders and knees are covered)
Professional guide Duomo entrance
Priority access to Brunelleschi’s cupola  Exclusive access to areas closed to the public
Guide tip

We regret to inform you that this tour is not suitable for people with wheelchairs or mobility impairments.

PLEASE NOTE: Itinerary includes climbing 463 steps


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2:30 PM - 4.30 PM : Florence Duomo Secret Terraces and the Dome

Meeting point Piazza San Giovanni, 7 (Duomo Complex Ticket Office)
  • Duomo entrance
  • Secret Terraces (153 steps)
  • Artists’ restoration workshop – see restoration in progress on statues intended for the Duomo’s facade
  • Climb the dome (310 steps from the terraces)
Florence duomo cathedral